Infrastructure Designation

In Queensland, infrastructure required for the benefit of the community may be facilitated through a designation process prescribed under the Planning Act 2016 (the Act). The Honourable Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning is the single Designating Minister for the State.

As part of the Infrastructure Designation process and to ensure that the requirements under the Minister’s Guidelines and Rules have been satisfied, the proposed Infrastructure Designations are required to be notified for a period of 15 business days. In accordance with current notification requirements, the Draft Environmental Assessment Report (DEAR) for current Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Infrastructure Designation projects is available for public viewing below.

Making a Submission about the proposed Infrastructure Designation

Any person or entity may make a submission about any aspect of the proposed designation of land and development for the infrastructure. The submission should:

  • be in writing, dated and signed by each person or entity who made the submission
  • state the name and address of each person or entity who made the submission
  • state the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds.

For further information on current QAS Infrastructure Designations, or to make a submission please contact the Infrastructure Designation team at the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning by telephoning 1300 967 433 or by email during the public notification period.  

Please visit the Queensland Planning System for more information.

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Last updated 21 February 2018