Local Ambulance Service Networks

A list of stations and contact number for each LASN is available on the Contacts page.

The Queensland Ambulance Service is organised into fifteen geographical Local Ambulance Service Networks (LASNs):

  • Torres and Cape
  • Cairns and Hinterland
  • Townsville
  • Mackay
  • North West
  • Central West
  • Central Queensland
  • Wide Bay
  • South West
  • Darling Downs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Metro North (Brisbane)
  • Metro South (Brisbane)
  • West Moreton
  • Gold Coast

A sixteenth state-wide LASN comprises the Operations Centres (OpCens). There are seven QAS OpCens throughout Queensland that are responsible for emergency call-taking, operational deployment and dispatch as well as co-ordination of rotary and fixed-wing aero-medical responses through the Queensland Emergency Medical System Co-ordination Centre (QCC).

The QAS OpCens LASN includes:

  • Cairns Operations Centre
  • Townsville Operations Centre
  • Rockhampton Operations Centre
  • Toowoomba Operations Centre
  • Maroochydore Operations Centre
  • Brisbane Operations Centre (including QCC)
  • Southport Operations Centre
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Last updated 8 July 2013