NEPT rollout

The NEPT system is now available in the Far North and Northern regions. Find your local area using our map of QAS regions [PDF 195.94 KB].

You can register by filling in our NEPT Facility Access Request Form and we’ll email your user ID and password, with a link to online training.

For all other regions, please use the existing booking process.

If you want to know when NEPT will be available in your region, email with your practice name and location, and we’ll let you know when it’s being rolled out.

About NEPT

NEPT is a free online system for health care services to book patient transport.

You’ll be able to see your bookings, including patients coming to you from another service. You can also modify and cancel bookings and export data for reporting requirements.

Watch our video to see how NEPT works.

What's NEPT?

Facilities will now have a clear vision of all approved non-emergency transports in and out of their facility from any medical facility using the NEPT system.

Facilities can easily report on transports they have requested as well as analyse patient flow patterns.

Facilities can, if required, include additional workflow to endorse transport requests through their internal validation hubs before sending them to the QAS.

Facilities using the request all facility transport (RaFT) will still be able to utilise this system as an interface has been built between the RaFT system and NEPT.

What this means for patients

Patients can opt-in to receive requests receive confirmation of their transport by SMS or email.

Facilities can print a PDF itinerary for the patient to retain as a reminder of their upcoming trip.

Facilities will have a clear oversight of all patients transiting in and out of their facility resulting in overall better patient care and improved transport connections.

What this means for the QAS

Less error handling due to unreadable faxes or missing information, resulting in provision of a better service.

A reduction in phone call as a result of requiring additional information, allowing QAS staff to better attend to triple zero calls.

And faster, more efficient processes.

The QAS will keep facilities updated on the rollout of the new non-emergency patient transport system.

Any questions or feedback relating to the new system can be directed to

NEPT will gradually replace the Medically Authorised Ambulance Transport (MAAT) and Queensland Health Ambulance Transport (QHAT) forms.

When it's available in your region, we won't accept any non-urgent requests by fax, scan or phone.

Who can use NEPT

NEPT is for staff in Queensland hospital and health services, private hospitals, aged care homes and GP clinics. It is only available in selected regions with more to come soon.

NEPT training

Learn how to use the NEPT booking system with our online training course, user manual and quick reference guides.

Training resources

Help with NEPT

Email for system support.

Privacy and security

NEPT was reviewed and endorsed by The eHealth Architecture and Standards Committee and The eHealth Cyber Security Group.

Last updated: June 2024