Booking our services for special events

What is a special event?

A special event is an organised activity or entertainment with a potential for injury or illness among spectators or participants.

Examples of special events include:

  • sporting functions;
  • agricultural, industrial or commercial exhibitions, shows and the like;
  • rodeos, campdrafts or any meeting involving horses; and
  • processions, fetes, fairs or fun runs.

QAS services for special events

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) provides two distinct categories of services for special events:

  • a stand-by ambulance service; and
  • a dedicated ambulance service.

Stand-by ambulance service
The provision of a stand-by ambulance service can be considered in circumstances where the risks associated with the special event are low and the location of the event is operationally compatible with the normal deployment of QAS services to the wider community.

Under these arrangements, the ambulance vehicle/s and officer/s in attendance at the special event will respond to requests for first aid or ambulance services at the special event as well as any requests for QAS services within the wider community. When available, a stand-by ambulance service can be provided at no cost to special event organisers.

Dedicated ambulance service
The provision of a dedicated ambulance service is appropriate where the special event has a moderate to high potential for serious injury or illness. Examples include horse racing, motor racing, rodeos, professional football matches, marathons etc. By arrangement with the special event organiser, and if QAS is able to provide a dedicated ambulance service, QAS will provide an ambulance vehicle/s and officer/s at an agreed location during defined time periods to facilitate both emergency and routine responses to special event participants and spectators. Specific charges for this service are payable to QAS by the special event organisers. The ambulance vehicle/s and officer/s will be dedicated to the special event and, except in extraordinary circumstances, will not respond to emergency medical incidents outside the event venue.

When do you need QAS services?

The QAS is often requested to attend special events for a variety of different reasons. Special event organisers may request QAS attendance to:

  • discharge their duty of care to event participants;
  • meet public liability insurance requirements; or
  • involve QAS as a community service provider.

How to request QAS services at your event

For all Queensland areas, enquiries can be directed to the Smart Service Queensland Contact Centre on telephone number 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or via the booking form.

When requesting QAS services, a minimum of 21 days notice is required to guarantee the availability of our services at your special event. You will also need to provide QAS with the following booking information:

  • type of event (eg sports, entertainment);
  • location of the event;
  • date, time and duration of the event;
  • number of people expected to participate in the event;
  • number of people expected to attend the event;
  • contact name and address for the special event organiser; and
  • the reason for requesting QAS services at the event (eg insurance, duty of care, etc).

Once your booking information has been received, QAS will appraise the operational risk and resources required to service your special event. The QAS will then forward a Customer Service Advice form to the special event organiser advising of any recommended QAS services and associated costs. To confirm your booking, the special event organiser must return the form with their signed acceptance of the QAS terms and conditions of service at least seven days prior to the special event commencement date.

Terms and conditions of QAS services for special events

  1. The initial request for QAS services at special events should be received at least 21 days in advance to guarantee service.
  2. Provision of the service is subject to signed acceptance of QAS terms and conditions that should be received by QAS at least seven days in advance of the special event.
  3. Special event organisers will cooperate with QAS in the evaluation, planning and deployment of health care resources for the special event.
  4. The QAS is a community service provider whose first responsibility must always be to the wider community.
  5. In Circumstances where unforeseen or unusual demands on QAS services necessitate the withdrawal of any agreed services to a special event, QAS will not be responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the withdrawal of that agreed service.
  6. For a dedicated ambulance service at special events, special event organisers will be responsible for QAS expenses associated with:
    • each officer dedicated to the special event, actual time attendance at the event and time required to travel to and from the event (maximum of two hours for each way);
    • each ambulance vehicle dedicated to the special event, one hour to both prepare the vehicle for the event and then restore the ambulance vehicle ready for operational service delivery;
    • a minimum of three hours per special event (inclusive of travel time and vehicle preparation charges); and
    • any other direct, out-of-pocket expense incurred by QAS specific to the provision of a dedicated ambulance service at the special event.
  7. For a stand-by ambulance service at special events, special event organisers will be responsible for any direct, out-of-pocket expense incurred by QAS specific to the provision of a stand-by ambulance services at the event.
  8. Payment must be made to QAS within 14 days of the invoice date.
  9. Cancellation of the special event must be notified to QAS within 48 hours of the proposed commencement time of QAS resources. Failure to provide such notice may attract a fee of up to 50% of the agreed rate for QAS attendance at the event for the first day of the special event.

Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for health and safety at your special event?

If you are organising a special event in Queensland you will have a legal duty of care to provide appropriate levels of health care for people attending your special event. If your special event has a high likelihood of injury, you may need to contract the QAS dedicated ambulance service to fulfil terms of public liability insurance. The QAS can assist you to assess the health care needs for your special event.

How much will ambulance services cost?

Depending on the ambulance services required at your special event, the cost will vary. The QAS is a non-profit Queensland government service provider. The fees that we charge for a dedicated ambulance service at special events are intended to cover only the costs incurred by QAS while providing ambulance services at your special event. Without the collection of fees, QAS is unable to provide a dedicated ambulance service to special events.

Treatment to non-Queensland residents

Regardless of whether QAS is providing a stand-by or dedicated ambulance service at a special event, if treatment is provided to a patient who is not a resident of Queensland, then the individual shall be charged in accordance with the regulatory fees set out under the Ambulance Service Regulation 2003. No subsidy is applicable to these charges.

Is your event eligible for a QAS subsidy?

If special event organisers would like QAS to provide a dedicated ambulance service for their special event and are otherwise unable to provide funding for those services, QAS will consider subsidising its services for any special event that fits the following criteria:

  1. the special event does not contribute to commercial endeavours;
  2. the special event does not generate revenue for special event organisers;
  3. the special event does not involve the deliberate engagement in or exposure to high-risk activities; and
  4. the special event does provide significant benefit to the wider community (not just small interest groups).

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Last updated 8 July 2013